Long Island Rail Road

Can anyone help with dating the survey for this beautiful map of Long Island with the Environs of New York and Southern Connecticut?  Clearly the publication date of 1836, is not the same as the survey dates – they rarely are.  The map would have been compiled ‘from surveys..’

Click map to link to www.heritagecharts.com and more information on the map

The map was published by J.H.Colton the famous publisher of maps of America in 1836 and this edition of the chart is dated 8 years before any other edition I can find in either American Public Record houses or even in the catalogues of antiquarian map dealers.  It is certainly in a near pristine state.

The surveyor was J. Calvin Smith

One of the most obvious ways to date the original survey is to look at the development of the railways and the LIRR is an obvious starting point.

The question is:  At what date did the LIRR get to this point?

All help gratefully received.


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  1. focusoninfinity (@focusoninfinity) Says:

    My ancestors were Capt. Philip Yonge, Loyalist, H. M. Surveyor-General of Georgia, his father the Hon. Henry Yonge, Sr., Loyalist, H. M. Surveyor-General of Georgia, and his father the Hon. Francis Yonge, Lords Proprietors Surveyor-General of the Bahamas, Carolinas, and Georgia. Also, Capt. Edmund Bellinger, Sr., Landgrave, Surveyor-General of South Carolina. In the recent Georgia/South Carolina boundary line dispute, the U.S. Supreme Court, sitting as a trial court, supposedly used Yonge maps/charts, in settling that dispute. The contemporary Surveyor-General of Georgia said the Yonges were excellent draftsmen. Earlier, Francis had been H. M. Commissioner of Ordnance fortification of Gibraltar. My grandfather was Edw. Yonge Wootten of Wilmington, N.C. Do you have any Yonge or Bellinger maps or charts? Jim, Dutchman’s Creek at Calf Gulley Gulch, Southport-Oak Island, North Carolina.


    • HeritageCharts.com Says:

      Hi Jim,

      Please excuse my delay in replying. It sounds as though you come from a very interesting family! I’m afraid to say that, so far, I’ve not comes accross any Bellinger or Yonge maps amoungst the British archives. As soon as I do I’ll know who to contact. Regards, Andrew Adamson.


  2. www.oddlysaid.com Says:

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