One for AJ – West Florida Chart in the locker

Here is a chart (one of many) of Florida which I came accross the other week…

  Dedicated “To John Ellis Esq F.R.S. King’s Agent for the Province of West Florida. This Draught is Humbly Inscribed by his Most obliged and obedient humble Serv James Cook” pubd. 1766. 

The James Cook mentioned here is not, by the way, the James Cook.

It is printed with inserts of Pensacola Harbour & Spirito Sancto.  Remarks made by Cook very much in the style of Gauld.  Includes boundary between French and British after 1763. 

For anyone who was born in New Orleans…

and now lives in Mobile…

…Its all here!

James Cook, who surveyed the chart/map worked closely with George Gauld along the Florida Gulf coastline and he adopted Gauld’s ‘style’ whereby he made detailed notes on the charts as he went along.  He even, on this draught, marks his own house and base of operations (sorry haven’t got time to throw-in that thumbnail pic).

The original document is about 55″ w x 21″ h and is just one of many under research at the moment.

Finally, here is a snippet of text spotted on another chart/map, this time by the master himself, George Gauld.  It is taken from a 1777 draught of ‘Part of the Coast to the Westward of the River Mississippi with Part of the Island of New Orleans &c.’,  for The Right Honourable The Board of Admiralty.

 The transcript reads: 

‘The Wreck at the Entrance of Chicouansh was a sloop from Jamaica bound for the Mississippi. Having fallen into the west.d they bewildered themselves on this inhospitable coast and after they were cast away, the Savages plundered them and the vessel of everything they could carry off, even the sails and rigging.  Only three people remained out of the nine, the Master and all of the rest having died on the coast.  These three men in a small boat wandered along the coast for some months in quest of the Mississippi, but after a fruitless search they had returned to the Wreck for some provisions, and were just going away again, when providentially the Surveying sloop Florida appeared and relieved them from their distress July 27th 1777, after they had been eight Months from Jamaica.’

They certainly don’t make ’em like that anymore!

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