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Dodging the rain drops

September 4, 2012

I don’t think I’ve ever been to Hull in the UK but now I’m up in Hull MA I’m reminded of why.. rain!

Section from A104

With huge apologies to messers Holland, Grant and Wheeler for adapting their beautiful (and priceless) 1775 survey of Boston Harbour.

To see the whole survey just click on the link below:

‘A Plan of the bay and harbour of Boston showing British and rebel positions’

New – US chart of the Harbor of Hyannis, Cape Cod

August 7, 2010

This 1850 (pre Civil War) US coastal survey chart of the harbor (and town) of Hyannis, Cape Cod, includes not just hydrographic information but also includes full sailing directions into the harbor.

The chart comes complete with original handwritten inscriptions and comments as well as containing excellent detail of what the town of Hyannis looked like 160 years ago.  Individual houses and land divisions are included as well as..well, church spires.

Actually, it’s not really that much different from today.. (more inspired holiday snaps!)

Hyannis. Nice place – worth a visit. Gateway to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard..

This chart will be published in full on the Heritage Charts web-site: shortly.

New – US chart of Rockport Harbor, MA

August 7, 2010

This chart is a 1902 edition of a chart which was first published in 1859.  It is one of a series of charts completed for the most comprehensive  survey of the US coast since the British lost control of the colonies in 1784.

The chart includes a great deal of hydrographic information which will undoubtedly be of interest to the modern-day sailor.  A good deal of land relief is include along with detail of individual houses, buildings and land division. 

By the way, here are some photographs of the town as it is today (at last – an excuse to bore the whole world with my holiday snaps!!), which qualifies as one of the prettiest places on the eastern seaboard. 

Out of interest – well to me anyway – is that Rockport was one of the last places in Massachusetts to allow alcohol.  Even today there are no pubs or bars (that I could find), although it is possible to drink with a meal.  I stayed in Newburyport that night..

This chart will be published in full on the Heritage Charts web-site: shortly.

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