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Heritage Charts and Charleston Library Society announce new fund-raising initiative

March 13, 2012

On Thursday the 7th March Heritage Charts was proud to be part of a very special evening held at the Library Society.  The event was a ‘thank-you’ to members of the Society who had already supported the conservation initiative.  As part of this special evening Heritage Charts joined forces with the Library Society to launch a new fund-raising initiative:  The sale of a series of special edition prints from the Heritage Charts collection which are representative of the very charts, maps and plans contained within the Charleston Library Society’s Atlantic Neptune volumes.

As of the 1st April 2012 Heritage Charts and the Charleston Library Society will be releasing a specially selected set of reproduction prints of charts, maps and plans from the Heritage Charts collection, representative of those contained within the Library’s collection of Atlantic Neptune volumes.  A new chart, map or plan will be released approximately every eight weeks thereafter.

1st release April 1st 2012

A Sketch of the operations before Charleston, South Carolina. 1780. J.F.W. Des Barres.

Click on the image for more details on this plan

The selected charts, maps and plans are all of Charleston and the surrounding area including Hilton Head, Beaufort, Port Royal and the coast of South Carolina.  All of them come complete with a printed history.

Port Royal in South Carolina taken from the Surveys deposited at the Plantation Office. 1777. J.F.W. Des Barres.

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Each chart has been reduced to a uniform size (22″ high) so as to make a matching set and all of the prints have been produced using the Giclée print technique.

A plan of the Siege of Savannah, showing the coast of South Carolina. 1779. J.F.W. Des Barres & John Wilson.

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All of the prints may be viewed, pre-ordered and purchased from the Charleston Library Society on King Street.  Do please drop by to see the collection as well as to view the prints at full size.

Prints cost $95 each.

The Harbour of Charles Town in South Carolina with a view of the town from the south shore of Ashley River. 1776. J.F.W. Des Barres & Capt. Sir John Wallace

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Special Offer on other prints in the Heritage Charts collection

As part of the fund-raising initiative, any CLS members wishing to purchase any other charts, maps or plans, possibly one of the selected charts but at the size of the original or even at half-size, direct from the Heritage Charts web-site may do so at a 10% discount.  For every sale, the Library Society will receive 20% of the full sale price to put toward the conservation of their wonderful collection, including of course the Atlantic Neptune.

To make use of this offer to Library Society members, simply ask at the Library Society for the ‘promotion code’ which may be entered into the PayPal payment system on the Heritage Charts web-site.  Alternatively, just leave your order* with the desk at the Library.

These beautiful maps, charts and plans make for magnificent personal and corporate gifts.  They look as wonderful on the wall of an office, reception room and boardroom as they do in the home.  Heritage Charts are able to print at any size, and can add a business or personal inscription of your choice.

* All orders made direct to the Library Society must be accompanied by:

Payment (to the Library Society)

A note of the size (eg. Size of the original, half-size, quarter size.. as on the web-site)

A delivery address and telephone number (or FedEx won’t be able to find you!)

All postage/shipping is included in the price

Newport International Boat Show 2011

September 17, 2011

It is great to be back in Newport RI for another show.  We feel very welcome and have thoroughly enjoyed the reception we’ve had from friends, customers (existing and new) as well as from all of the organizing staff.

Heritage Charts may be found in tent C, booths 55 & 56.  Please do come and visit us to view our wonderful, historic collection of charts, maps and plans all sourced from British Archives.

We are offering boat show ‘specials’ as follows:

10% off total puchases up to (and including) $450

15% off total puchases $500 & over

20% off total puchases $1,000 & over

25% off total puchases  $1,500 & over

30% off total puchases $2,000 & over


Giclée reproductions (pronounced ‘gee-clay’)

July 27, 2010

Many original antique maps come from old books and atlases which have been broken up to make individual prints, although some might have been published separately. Originals (if you can find them) can often cost thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Giclée reproductions are a very acceptable alternative and are so good that you might wonder whether you are looking at an original or at a reproduction.  Artists recognise the quality of the Giclée prints and they are found in the finest galleries around the world.

The word Giclée (or Giclée and pronounced ‘gee-clay’ ) comes originally from a French word meaning ‘little squirt’ and refers to the spraying of over a million fine droplets of ink or dye per second onto paper or canvas.  It is a high resolution printing process which uses large format professional inkjet printers. The eight colour printing process produces uniformly shaped, variable sized ink droplets on the paper for incredibly sharp, grain-free images with no noticeable dot pattern.

Using fade-resistant archival inks (such as the best Epson Ultra-Chrome and K3 inks) on the best quality fine art papers, the Giclée print is of the highest resolution and color saturation possible, making it the closest duplication of original artwork that it is currently possible to achieve. Giclee colour prints are light fast for at about 75 years, and sometimes longer than that.

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