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New – US chart of the Harbor of Hyannis, Cape Cod

August 7, 2010

This 1850 (pre Civil War) US coastal survey chart of the harbor (and town) of Hyannis, Cape Cod, includes not just hydrographic information but also includes full sailing directions into the harbor.

The chart comes complete with original handwritten inscriptions and comments as well as containing excellent detail of what the town of Hyannis looked like 160 years ago.  Individual houses and land divisions are included as well as..well, church spires.

Actually, it’s not really that much different from today.. (more inspired holiday snaps!)

Hyannis. Nice place – worth a visit. Gateway to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard..

This chart will be published in full on the Heritage Charts web-site: shortly.

The New England Boat Show February 2010

February 28, 2010

On to the New England Boat Show in Boston.  We were getting the hang of how things worked now, so we got ourselves set up fairly easily.  We had a bigger stand here, so we could spread out a bit more and show a few more charts which was good.  The large plan of the Bay and Harbour of Boston [dated between when George Washington took command of the American army in July 1775 and before the American occupation of Dorchester Heights which finally forced an end to the conflict in March 1776] was the star of the show and acted like a magnet to the good folk of Boston and drew them onto the stand.  Everyone was fascinated at what Boston used to look like before landfill, but much of the detail is still recognisable today and generated much discussion as to where they lived or boated.  The film “Shutter Island” had just been released, and we were able to identify it from this 1775 chart as Peddocks Island! 


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