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New – Portland Sound, Hussey Sound, Broad Sound to Rogers Bay

August 6, 2010

Joseph Frederick Wallet Des Barres published surveys of the North American coastline (Eastern seaboard) between 1777 and 1781 in volumes entitled the Atlantic Neptune.  Amongst the collection of surveys Des Barres worked from were his own and those of other dedicated men who scrambled over some of the most difficult (and beautiful) terrain in the world around Maine, Halifax and Nova Scotia (not to mention clumps of Canada).

In February we met a number of lovely people from up in Maine who had come down to the bright lights of Boston for the New England Boat Show to buy a new submarine or diving bell or the like (much warmer apparently than an open boat in those northern waters!).  A surprising number of those that we met came from Portland ME and enquired as to charts of the region.  Well, fortunately for us Mr Des Barres had been that way about 230 years ago and left this one in the locker…. although in his day Portland was called Falmouth..

This chart will be published in full in the Heritage Charts web-site: soon.

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